One Year Down Here

One year since we moved from Auckland to Dunedin. I'd lived in Auckland my whole life. Steph had lived there about half of hers. We'd moved from mouldy Auckland rental to mouldier Auckland rental seven times since 2011 before flying down here on February 27th, 2017.

True to form, we've just moved house again. Barely around the corner (four corners/1.7 kilometres if u must know), so about 1500km less than our last move. Suddenly we don't constantly hear landlords through paper-thin walls. We have room to host house gigs. We've already been able to house a five-piece band for a night while they were on tour down here.

We have a proper music room. We've been talking about getting started for real with Hot Wizard since 2016, and in this time, we haven't had space to even rehearse properly. So, we're maybe starting to achieve some things we were hoping to when making the big move down here in the first place.

Also Steph and I started a podcast. We wanted to be able to just have a dumb conversation so pals could listen and pretend were still able to hang out. So we're watching and discussing the collective filmographies of the cast of Friends. The podcast is called Let's Just Be Friends. You can find it on iTunes or your usual podcast place, or stream/download from here if you don't know how podcasts work. 

Here's pics of what's been up since my last post. Happy first year anniversary, Dunedin!

We went to Wellington in August to see my Aunty Susan's artwork exhibited at the Robert Heald gallery.


We checked out Tunnel beach in September. Which is actually only like 15 minutes drive away so it's kinda weird we've only been once.


St. Clair beach has continued to be a local favourite


I found this pet seal at Victory Beach and now we're blood brothers for life.


These dumb parrots were fighting in October. I think this happened the same day that I went to the emergency room for mysterious pains in my tum tum.


Speaking of which, I also started doing Unboxing Without Thumbs again. Here's one that features them tummy pains:

On Guy Fawkes we went out to try to get photos of fireworks. But I always forget that fireworks are pretty much all wrapped up by like 9pm because they're for kids. So this is the best thing I got, somewhere closer to midnight.


Had a bit of a visit to Auckland in December. Here's me on a mountain with my little bro. And his little wife. And my little wife.


January. 2018. Became friends with this bee.

Still Jan. I just really liked these layers of clouds.

Also hi Steph.

I also wrapped up my ongoing illustration project, of doing "weekly" (maybe fortnightly? Schedule was loose as) art for a lovely NZ podcast The Worst Idea of All Time. This is the longest project I've actually followed through with. You can find all the pics here, but this is my favourite - it's actually an officially commissioned poster they asked me to do for their live show in NYC:


I haven't kept up with photos very well lately, as it's been a very busy start to the year, so this is the end. One of these days I'll relax into an entire summer that doesn't involve moving house maybe.

I get email fatigue in a big way but surprise me with a FB call or something if you wanna.

We miss everyone a lot. We miss you. xx